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What is the Francis Marion Memorial Project?

The Francis Marion Memorial Project is an undertaking to build a monument in honor of Francis Marion, otherwise known as "The Swamp Fox," who made tremendous contributions in the struggle for America's Independence from Great Britain during the American Revolution. The location of the monument will be in Marion Park in Washington, D.C.

The Swamp Fox

What's involved in creating a memorial?

Peruse our site to learn more about the memorial creation process and to view new and historical maps of the possible future site of the memorial in Marion Park in Washington, D.C. Additionally, you can read about the the memorial site selection and design process and the Commemorative Works Act (Public Law 99-652).

What is the current status of the project?

This project has successfully obtained Congressional authorization to establish a memorial honoring Brigadier General Francis Marion in Washington, D.C. Now we need to raise the funds to build the monument.

Why Join Marion's Modern Day Brigade?

Show your pride in our heritage and become a part of history in the making. Join Marion's Modern Day Brigade today by contributing to the project.